Legal ramifications of brain injuries

Any form of physical violence can cause severe trauma to the brain. Violence can include shaking or a blow that might be either intentional or unintentional. Injuries can be categorized into several types, depending on their severity. These are also governed by the law and any form of damage to the brain is treated at catastrophic in the eyes of the law. Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI as it is also known as affects almost 2.5 million American citizens every year. The trauma and the medical expenses that are caused by this are immense both for the patient as well as for the families involved. Hence, in order to provide some relief to the victims of TBI, most federal, as well as state agencies, have devised programs that aim to legally provide aid and compensation to such victims.

One of the most difficult aspects of brain injuries is the fact that whether through violence or through accident, injury can affect anybody anywhere, irrespective of their cast, creed, sex, socio-economic backgrounds or mental health. However, other than accidents, the other cases causing TBI are largely preventable. Injury from willful violence is, of course, punishable by law. Added to this are malpractices on children resulting in brain damage for the child, TBI caused by motor vehicle accidents, or a drug overdose on prescription. The federal and state courts see these as strict violations of the law and have sharp punishments and stringent steps to offer compensation to the victim and their kin. Violence during teenage dating is also another aspect that is a frequent cause of TBI and as a survey recently found out has been experienced at some point in time by almost 10 percentage of the total teenage population in America.

Compensation for TBI or carrying out a negotiation with the insurance agencies requires the help of a competent legal firm. The case is fought on the basis of medical and legal issues and hence if you or someone you know is planning a legal battle, make sure you are well-researched on the credentials of the legal organization you are planning to hire.

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